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Sask Greens disgusted by MLAs awarding themselves 1.5% pay increase

Regina, Saskatchewan, April 2 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is disgusted that the province’s 58 MLAs have awarded themselves a 1.5% pay increase, which brings their basic pay to almost $95,000. GPS Leader Victor Lau says the increase is insensitive, given its timing. “The province is only going to increase the minimum wage by 20 cents, and it will only happen this fall. Meanwhile our greedy MLAs are taking the 1.5% increase right now.” Lau also points out that the MLA pay increase is a slap in the face to the thousands of people across Saskatchewan who are struggling to deal with rising rents, enormous mortgage payments, and rising bills and the increasing cost of groceries. The GPS welcomes feedback from anyone who has ideas about how to better monitor and control pay increases for our MLAs.

Transportation strategy needed to help end grain backlog crisis

Regina, Saskatchewan, April 1 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is alarmed that we are now into April and the Grain Backlog Crisis in Rural Saskatchewan continues. GPS Leader Victor Lau says the federal government’s proposed solution to end the backlog is not adequate. “Imposing fines on the railway companies for not moving the grain has not compelled CN and CP to get the grain moving. Meanwhile spring is here and it is going to be very difficult for most farmers to get into their fields soon without cash in their pockets.” Lau urges the Harper Government to work with the Wall Government to develop a Provincial Transportation Strategy in all urgency to address the transportation needs of farmers first and put it to work as soon as possible. “We need to work with all levels of government to create a strategy that makes the entire Transportation system work for everyone involved. The most immediate need for the Strategy is to help farmers get their grain to port so they can make some money.” Lau adds that any fines collected by Ottawa from the railway companies should go to Saskatchewan farmers as compensation.

Saskatchewan Greens question the Wall Government's $40-million for 'Lean' Health Consultants

Regina, Saskatchewan, March 16 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is alarmed that the Wall Government has submitted a 4-year, $40-million for an American efficiency expert to apply Japanese auto industry “lean” principles to Saskatchewan health care. “What is the common ground between Saskatchewan health care delivery and the Japanese auto industry?” asks GPS Leader Victor Lau. “Auto factories are used to make cars, while health care services are supposed to improve the health and daily lives of human beings.” Lau suggests that any efficiency principles that are added to the Saskatchewan health care system should comply with the Canada Health Act. “The Green Party of Saskatchewan welcomes innovation and efficiency in health care delivery, but these new ideas cannot result in privatization of Medicare.”

Sask Greens join call for National Inquiry for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Regina, Saskatchewan, March 8 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is joining the growing demand for the federal government to launch a Public Inquiry for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women across Canada. GPS Leader Victor Lau says the victims and their families deserve both answers and justice. “What happened to these women is an outrage,” says Lau. “We cannot stand by as Aboriginal women are abducted, raped, murdered and then have their bodies hidden in remote locations. “We all know that where there is no justice, there is also no peace.” GPS provincial executive Member-At-Large and Candidate for Regina Rochdale constituency, Billy Patterson, says the untimely deaths of these women will never be over until there is a Public Inquiry into the deaths. “All Canadians deserve to be treated equal in the eyes of the law,” says Patterson. “First Nations and Métis women must stop being treated like second-class citizens.” Justice has turned a blind eye towards over 500 Aboriginal women since the 1970s. This International Women’s Day the GPS also calls on the Wall Government to add their support for a Public Inquiry for Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women.

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